07.14.2011  DDD Studio Tour

We are thrilled to share our new studio! After a very successful Open House, we have been bursting with activity at the studio and absolutely love our new “home base” from which to plan events and weddings from. Working with Rena and Heather was a blast and I was able to meet so many wonderful people. Besides having the support of friends and family there, I was so honored to have other event and wedding vendors celebrating with us and local business owners, engaged couples and others interested in DDD’s services stop in and say hello! It was great to see so many new and familiar faces.

All the late nights, last-minute Lowes runs, and spats of backaches paid off – the studio is finished! Watching the transformation of the barebones box to the inspiring space that exists now was remarkable. Just like DDD does for special events, I incorporated “my story” into my design of the studio. So many of the things I love comprise the studio, and I am excited to share it with my clients! For those who couldn’t make it to the open house, would you like to take a “virtual tour?”



Thanks again to my wonderful neighbors, Rena and Heather, for hosting the Open House with me. I’d also like to thank my friends for their pep-talks and my family for its love. An especially-special thank you belongs to my husband. He is my biggest cheerleader and when the going was tough, he was always there to push me forward. Even with his busy schedule, he made time to move furniture, handle deliveries, and put a broom to good use (love you!). I’m so lucky he is mine.

Now that DDD’s studio is officially “open for business,” please feel free to get in touch and set up an appointment to discuss your upcoming events. Let’s see what amazing memories we can create together!

Thanks for  checking in with us and we hope to see you back here again soon for more exciting news and updates!


3 Responses to “DDD Studio Tour”

Louise says:

Love those photos! Wish I could work some of that design magic in my house, especially my studio! Did Heather take the pictures? Everything looks amazing. Congrats!

Deborah says:

Thank you!!! You can absolutely work some of that design magic into your home! DDD would LOVE to help! And yes, Heather Bohm-Tallman is responsible for these amazing images.

Amber says:

Hi there. It’s nice to meet other creatives in the area. I hope you can check out my blog: http://obsessivision.com/ (I just posted about my son’s nursery design). If you like what you see, I hope you can join me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/OBSESSIVISION/223021501066837

Keep up the good work (love the nice, clean office:)