05.23.2014  Wedding Etiquette for the Bride and Groom

Deborah DePasquale Designs was recently featured in the Solutions section of the Albany Times Union in a story about wedding etiquette for betrothed couples. Which got us thinking about some blunders that many couples face leading up to their weddings, or on the big day itself.

We’ve put together some tips to keep in mind during this happy, though sometimes stressful , time.

1)      Hire a planner. Sure, this is obvious and expected, right? Having a wedding planner can save you from a lot of headaches and diffuse uncomfortable situations that are sensitive in nature. If a problem arises on your wedding day, the planner is the person who can quickly handle the issue, leaving you and your guests to enjoy the amazing day you’ve worked so hard to plan. Even having a day-of coordinator can be a huge help if a problem with a guest or vendor should pop up.

2)      Find a point person. If hiring a planner is not in the cards for you, pick one person you trust to handle difficult situations. A close friend or bridal party attendant is a great option; be honest with them and let them know if they should keep an eye out for a troublesome guest who might stir things up at the wedding. Let your point person know how you would like them to handle that guest, and have faith that they will follow through with their duty.

3)      Work together.  The bride and groom should be involved in the planning process. If a family member begins to dominate the planning conversations, have a discussion about how to handle it. Be unified in your actions and stand strong. Let the person who is closer to “the meddler” talk to them in a civil manner about their actions, and stand behind your future spouse. These conversations are never easy, but knowing you have your teammate as back-up can make a world of difference.

4)      Remember: It’s your day. While you might have to invite people you are not close to out of obligation, don’t invite anyone that doesn’t have your best interests in mind.

For more tips, you can read the Times Union story online. Have another etiquette tip? Need help with a difficult wedding situation? Leave us a comment below with your questions or feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Life is an occasion. Make it special!